Television: Past, Present, & Future! Part 3: To The Future & Beyond!

Television is going to be changing in the future. Already in stores are televisions that have 3D capabilities. You can watch 3D movies and television shows now in your own home. Even some television networks like ESPN and The Discovery Channel have 3D programming formats. The movie industry started this trend. This trend will continue not only in television shows but everywhere.


Another feature is enhancing your viewing of television shows. One television show on the SYFY Channel called 12 Monkeys has that if you buy Philip’s color-changing hue lights, the lighting of the room will change to match the scenes of the show. In order to use the hue lights, you have to download the Syfy Sync app.

Another trend is that television shows will be getting shorter episode seasons from the main broadcasting networks. The main broadcasting networks which include: ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and NBC, normally have their shows only air 22-25 episodes per season. Cable channels which include: SYFY, TNT, USA, ABC Family, etc., have their shows air 10-13 episodes per season. The main broadcasting networks are now following what the cable channels are doing. I personally like more episodes for the character and story lines but I can understand if the companies need to cut production costs and save some money.


Another trend for the future of television is to use old material, either from books, movies or old television shows and change them to make them more current to today’s society. For example, Disney is bringing back Duck Tales for 2017 with some new characters. Also Chicago Med, which is a spinoff of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, is in the works. I wish that there are more original concepts for shows instead of using the same old material from previous shows or movies. There should be more creative minds to come up with better and interesting storylines.


Also another trend is that streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix have all episodes for the season available to the public for viewing all at once. For example, Marvel’s Daredevil which is on Netflix is premiering all of its episodes on April 10.

Television has come along way since it’s debut. With new technology and better formats, television has changed to reflect the world we live in today. Hopefully these trends will continue in the future and beyond!


One thought on “Television: Past, Present, & Future! Part 3: To The Future & Beyond!

  1. I agree that television has enhanced excessively. I think it is way better now and you are accessible to more things. I LOVE Netflix genius idea! I actually watch shows and movies on there way more than I do regular television!

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