Television: Past, Present & Future! Part 2: Looking in The Present

Today, television has changed in appearance and its programs. Other than being a big piece of furniture, now televisions have a flat screen and can be hung up on the wall as an accent piece. tv-transition

Programming has also changed. Your favorite television programs can be downloaded from the internet to your computer, cell phones, tablets and other digital media devices. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are on-demand streaming media services that many people use today to watch movies and television shows.

There are more networks and programs to watch now then in the past few decades. Some of the networks who previously had informative shows are now showing scripted programming, For example, The E! television channel which strictly deals entertainment news and reality television shows is going to air its first scripted television show called “The Royals.” “The Royals” is about a fictional British royal family that deals with issues in their public and personal life.


Many networks are bringing back old programs to watch. “Heroes,” which is a science fiction television drama, is about ordinary people who discover their superhuman abilities. “Heroes,” which aired from 2006-2010, is coming back this year. It was just announced that NBC is bringing back “Law & Order” with some of the original cast members. Some networks are remaking old TV shows by either changing the main storylines or setting the show in present day. For example, “Hawaii Five-0” has a women now portraying a man.old and new hawaii five-0There is a collaboration between the cast members on a television program and the audience using social networking sites. Social media has a strong presence today. “Pretty Little Liars” and “Switched at Birth” are two shows on ABC Family that allow the viewers to tweet along as they are watching. “The Today Show” has their orange room that connects the fans of the show to the news anchors.

A new trend today is binge-watching. Binge-watching is watching two to six episodes of your favorite television show in one sitting. For example, in order to get caught up to the 50th anniversary episode of “Doctor Who,” I watched from the beginning with the First Doctor. It took me a year to do this by binge-watching.

sleepy hollow

Another trend today is that many creators of television shows are using old source material from books and movies. “Sleepy Hollow” the television series is based off of a short story called “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” “12 Monkeys,” a sci-fi television series, is also a movie which starred Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.

All of these trends in television today are different than they were in the past. I wonder what the future will hold.


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